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Providing specialist rail infrastructure training across Australia

TLI27121 Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure (Track Work)

This is a general qualification for a person engaged in basic operations within the rail infrastructure environment undertaking a range of tasks involving known routines and procedures, and taking some responsibility for the quality of work outcomes.

Entry requirements: There are no entry requirements for this qualification. 



An introduction to rail, track, and rail infrastructure work.


Units of competency included:

  • TLIF0020 Safely access the rail corridor
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIF0025 Follow work health and safety procedures
  • TLIB1093 Clean equipment and restore worksite
  • TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communication
  • TLIU2008 Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure
  • TLIB0012 Maintain and use hand tools
  • TLID0020 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

5 days

Minor Mechanical

This course includes carrying out pre-operation checks, operating mechanical equipment, conducting routine maintenance, and securing and storing equipment.

Conducted on a minimum of three individual machines.


Unit of competency included:

  • TLIB2092 Operate minor mechanical equipment

1 day

Sleepers, Fastening Systems and Ballast

Includes the identification and installation of variety of fasteners, anchors and sleepers. Undertake track ballasting activities and sleeper installation and repair tasks including the restoration of track gauge.

Units of competency included:

  • TLIS2034 Install and repair rail fastening systems 
  • TLIS2031 Install railway sleepers
  • TLIS2030 Carry out track ballasting

3 days + Workplace Consolidation and Practical Assessment

Rail Installation

Includes identifying job requirements, preparing rail for installation, installing rail, joining rail ends, restoring track and completing documentation.


Unit of competency included:


  • TLIS2044 Carry out rail installation

1 day + Workplace Consolidation and Practical Assessment

Introduction to Track Geometry

Includes identifying track terminology, track components and track tools and equipment. As well as undertaking basic track measurement, measuring and recording track geometry, and reporting results.


Units of competency included:


  • TLIB2085 Apply track fundamentals
  • TLIB2091 Measure and record track geometry

2 days + Workplace Consolidation and Practical Assessment

Maintain Rail Joints

Includes identifying and determining parameters or rail joint components that require repair, cutting and boring rail, maintaining rail joints and completing required documentation.


Unit of competency included:


  • TLIB2121 Maintain rail joints

1 day + Workplace Consolidation and Practical Assessment